Welcome to my site. It is currently a work in progress, where I plan to post code, photos and other things I am interested in.

The name ‘TexoTela’ is a portmanteau (blend, combination) of the Latin words ‘texo/texō’ (I weave, I plait, intertwine) and ‘tela/tēla’ (web/warp/loom). I created it years ago but took it offline for a while and I am bringing it back.

Latest Site Updates

Theme Updates (Icons/Crumbs)

I have made some more updates to the theme for this site. Fontawesome icons have been added and I will be using them while updating the styling and creating new pages. There is now a breadcrumb trail, so you can navigate to any parent pages (such as Site Updates in the case of this post).

01 Jun 2019 12:50 +0100

New Site Theme

I am now working on a new theme for this site, using the Tailwind CSS framework. Tailwind CSS is classified as a utility-first CSS framework which is very low level, meaning you have to create all the components (buttons, headings, alerts, modal windows, cards etc) yourself rather than those provided by a framework like Bootstrap. It is quick to design with, as you use utility classes on your HTML elements to style your site.
27 May 2019 16:25 +0100

New code section on site

I have created a new section on this site for sharing code (JavaScript, C# etc) and demos. The link to it is available in the main menu. So far it just has basic info plus a few links to my GitHub repositories.
19 May 2019 12:37 +0100