This site

This site is developed using Hugo, a static site generator developed using the Go programming language. There are no database connections or a dynamic content management system, just plain text files containing Markdown for formatting. It is not a platform I have used in my job, but one I look at in my own free time as I work on this site.

My interests

My interests include Photography, Travel (Culture, Wildlife and Nature), Japanese/South Korean Media (Anime/Manga/Manhwa), 3D Art (DAZ Studio), occasional PC/Switch gaming (RPG’s, Strategy, Simulation, Open World (e.g. No Man’s Sky))) and reading Science Fiction and Fantasy stories.

Professional experience

I work as a web application developer by day, primarily using the programming language C# with ASP.NET (WebForms and MVC version 3+) and .NET Core (MVC). I am also proficient in the Laravel framework, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, the Bootstrap Framework (versions 3.3 and 4.3) jQuery and Vue.js.

The .NET Web Applications have developed use a database backend, usually Microsoft SQL Server (currently 2012 / 2014, but I have worked with prior versions back to 2000), but also SQLite. I have worked with raw SQL (back in classic ASP and early .NET 1.1 days), MyGeneration dOOdads (not since 2010) and SubSonic 2.2, but since these are no longer updated and there are better options, I am now more familiar with Entity Framework (EF 6 and EF Core). I develop PHP applications with Laravel or Symfony for simpler PHP applications with MySQL Server as the database backend.